The Beginning

Spotlight Performers came from a dream Amy Kring has been thinking about since high school. It was inspired by another baton coach who has continued to lead after school groups in Gary for more than 20 years. The goal of Spotlight is to introduce athletes to baton twirling and basic dance steps and allow them to perform in the community.

Meet the Director

My name is Amy Kring. I have lived in South Bend my whole life and began baton twirling at the age of 6. My husband, Ryan and I have a son Rylan, and two daughters, Lucy and Ellie. When I was young learned not only how to twirl, but also a love of twirling from Lorraine Gill and the coaches with the Royal Majestics Baton Corp. Because of their instruction, I was able to travel, compete, and perform in several different states as well as have the opportunity to twirl with the All American Twirling Line in Purdue University’s Marching Band. I currently coach with the Royal Majestics and our daughters both compete with the group. We have made lifelong friends through our sport. Spotlight Performers was created to share baton twirling with more of the community. After leading an after school baton program in 2017, I knew there was an opportunity to get more kids involved and let the community see the sport that so many love. This year, the timing was right, and Spotlight Performers has launched.

Upcoming Events

We will be on the trail sharing treats on Oct. 22nd. Join us for candy and try out a light up baton. There will be lots of businesses participating along the river in Mishawaka.

Join Spotlight at Trunk or Treat! Saturday, Oct 29th at 4:30 pm.

Class Information

Join us for a new class and perform in your community.
Baton twirling teaches coordination, agility, rhythm, poise, and discipline. Athletes will learn baton fundamentals and beginning pom pom steps and mo

November/December Classes

Welcome!  Please complete the registration form below to register for new classes.  
Classes will be held on Mondays (5:30pm @ West Side Church of Christ) or Tuesdays (4:30pm @ Kennedy Academy)
Ages 4 and up.  — $65 per twirler

First “Ladies Night to Twirl” was a huge success! We had a great time and raised money for upcoming clinics this spring.

Contact Amy Kring with questions or for more information

Amy Kring

Spotlight Performers

South Bend, Indidna